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Quentin Nourisson Great record for fans of NEXILVA and such. Nomad is a fantastic track. The bass part at the end is phenomenal! Favorite track: NOMAD.
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In quest of answers your own refinement begins where the profane here and now ends. So the greatest of all mercy will unfold as soon as the animate individual gets insight into the hereafter. But where the eternal searcher lights upon more questions than answers, the desire to escape from this world and to weary of it makes itself felt. As someone who is seeking for answers, what could be worse than realising that neither heaven nor hell exists? Is it the human existence itself or just the mere fact to be powerlessly thrown into a world which combines it both?


released November 13, 2015



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VERGIL Dortmund, Germany

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Track Name: ARRIVAL
From the endless depths of interstellar matter grand spectators arrived as navigators of the unlight, above a frozen unborn planet, aseptic in its core.
An extraterrestrial phenomenon based on an original race,
called lonesome passengers of uncharted space.

Non-organic colonies invested the exosphere azonic,
within seeds of infinity to conserve the aeon forever.

Cross-linked patterns painted the ground with light,
bowed stratums to insert a monolith as a symbol of time.

As they left to travel on, the alpha and omega infiltrated the ground of a planet once unborn.

Mankind was born as an offspring of time,
crushed between the jaws of the transcendent.

Formed out of the ashes of the monolith,
dead eyes are glaring in cosmic light.
Children produced by symbiotic mass reproduction,
infiltrated hearts, carrying his sign.

Mankind bows before a shrine of lies.

Crushed between the jaws of the transcendent, his sign will mark the end of time.

Mankind bows before a shrine of lies.
His name will hold the end.
Track Name: CUNABULA
Utopia became real.
The fortress of ultimate wisdom was born;
existing in real space and in the warped realm as well.
Beneath the purest sky creators reside in towers of glass.

Landscapes characterized by blooming woods,
mountains consisting of blue shining crystals,
home of the architects of the universe.
Those who formed the horizon and the depths of space.

Between reality and the boiling ether, sea,
this sanctuary archived life’s sins and atrocities.

More than thousand footsteps high the minarets of their palaces are looming to the sky.

The seeds of failure,
the seeds of failure.

Impossibly high structures of polished stone,
diamonds and arcane components of many kinds.

Enshrining the secrets of the universe,
enshrining the secrets of the universe.

Capital of the stellar realm is ruling over millions of consecrated minds;
the seeds of failure within.
Track Name: CVLT I
After they reached the top of evolution,
gifted above all other species in space,
cults of excess established,
obsessed by the lust for pleasure.

Holding nothing but perfection in their hands.
But like all mortal beings they desired far more.

Seeking for eternal pleasure,
persuading of excess.

Exploring the fruits of decadence and avarice,
unseen, they grew in power and influence.

Initiating more into their strange and shadowy creeds.

As corruption gradually took hold upon them,
echoes of ecstasy and agony began to ripple through time and space .

Reflections of intense experiences began to coalesce.
All the shifting tides of the empyrean can take form of raw emotions; to themselves.

The constant stream of indulgence, pouring from the empire, was as unstoppable as the tides.

It nourished and empowered that, which lay within.
A nascent vortex of excess,
content for now to wait and to grow

So the empire began to mire of its own corruption and drew in treason.
From the highest tower the manifested form of corruption casts its vile shadow upon us all.
The dwellers below eradicate themselves in perverted acts of violence.

The taste of repugnant death and the twisted aura of slaughter initiate the fall.
By sickening thoughts of self-destruction, the ultimate present was trampled into dust.

Watchful and aware, the overclouded burning skies behold the end.
Arsenals unleashed,
once engineered to remain in silence.
Cold, so cold are these instruments of mass destruction.

Machines alive,
existence under the knife,
systematic death,
terminal breath.

In the flames of wrath shards of the ultimate knowledge melt away.
While the dead dance in unreal twilight of the black sun.

And dying stars vast cities, huge spires burst and shatter.
Tectonic plates fracturing under warhead impacts.

By the last desperate cries of millions of souls this planet was torn apart.

The birth screams of damnation extinct this ancient race.
Track Name: NOMAD
Not Alone out here.
Gathering of travellers.

Nomads of void and space.
The hallow, made of light,
exposed his mind.
An intergalactic conference.

Existences interfused and thoughts became one.

Only the stars witnessed the creation of a new form of communication and they drew in a sea of insight and purity.

Beholding the golden plate, analysing unknown symbols.
Perhaps these glyphs and runes are waiting to be read for ages.

Hyperfine transition of neutral hydrogen.
Relative position of a solar system.

Fourteen pulsars, been starring at it since the beginning of time.

Two humanoids saluting.
The journey went on to protect and to save those who wander in grim darkness.

This is a present from a small, distant world,
a token of our sounds, our science and thoughts.

We are attempting to survive our time so we may live into yours.
Our sounds, our science, our images live into yours.
Our music, our thoughts and our feelings, we may live into yours.
Track Name: OMEGA
Traveling unrestingly among the stars and planetoids
Shifting through protostellar nebula and unoccupied voids
The arcane vessel is encircled by seven spheres of warning
Shifting through ionic storms and cosmic anomalies

Witnessed the blinding flash and the fall of crystal towers
Witnessed how monuments of epic proportions were cast down into the depths

Nothing remains but the knowledge about what it takes for a race to tear down the pillars that keep your world from falling

Even words in strange ancient dialects can´t express the terror of the germination of the seed of perdition

And what remains is just a sad distant memory and the journey begins

Giant lifeless rock floating through infinity
Proofs the dispiteous attitude to the womb that a bred them and fed them for aeons
The crust is covered with patterns of military intervention
And with the scars of an exploitation that ran amok

And this is what i left behind
A shattered home bathing in endless diamonds
Desolated isolated but never forgotten

I Omega the enlightened one
I Omega the bringer of truth and salvation
Track Name: TERRA
Hunting ghosts and shades of the economic dream
Human life is degraded to a calculated scheme

A blue orb drifting around a single bright star
In the habitable zone
It laid in wait and begged for help
Observing from circular orbits its relevants

Is this the highest form of life that ever walked this soil?

Trapped and entangled in this routine mortal coil
Like vermin they´re crawling over the shattered crust
While their little poisoned minds slowly rot and rust

These lifeforms own the potential
to allow reason to prevail
Instead they praise myth and legend
Spitting in the face of science

Eking out a poor existence in cages of raw steel
The total abstinence of empathy feels so unreal
Leaving behind his vessel that carried him through infinity.
Just to invade a human corpse once left to die.
The breath of life reanimates the shell to rise again.
Coming ashore to walk among lesser life forms.

Days are passing by.
Wasting them preaching words of truth.
But you don’t want to understand.

You don’t want to listen.
You don’t want to see.
You don’t want to repent.
You don’t want to understand.

Grim laughter hides the serpent tongue behind your breath as you shake hands and bath in deceit.
Kneeling in front of the altar when you’re doubting hope.
And unable to content with the unknown.

Bigotry, social downfall, political hypocrisy and blind greed.

It’s your blood that floods the system
It’s your flesh that satisfies its hunger.
Track Name: DIADEM
Just a few moments until I wear the diadem of shadows and dust.
And I lay down my body among the rotting shades of my fathers.

I count the minutes.
I count the hours.
I count the days.
Please set me free!

Just a few moments until I wear the diadem of shadows and dust.
And I lay down my body.

Every day I wake up with a gun in my mouth.
I mean nothing.
I realized.
I mean nothing.

Molten faces!

The septic angles, celebrating their decline.
Enlightened by surreal suburban lights.

Spectator of my own life, handcuffed, but cheering goodbye.
A nightmare in three dimensions where everything is tiled in white.

Not comfy, but easy to clean.
This is the path we chose.
Accept the role and hail slavery.


So I wage my war;
a war between heart and mind.
Track Name: CVLT II
My corpus is confined to your attention;
a pristine mind inside.
I wander upon wastelands of black frost,
crumbling under the weight of your cross.

My cyst was eradicated to your contentment.
Shadows constructed a memento of time.

For I am here.
For I am gone.

There are hollow signs on the wall you painted on.
Deaf steps echoing in an ancient memory.
Forgotten about the time.

My cyst was eradicated to your contentment.
Words constructed a memento of time.

For I am gone.
I will return.

Mankind, you eyeless sons of disgust, servants of the sun.
While fictitious kingdoms burst, I will announce my return.
Mankind, bastard sons of Christ, feast for the unborn lie.

Rebirth indoctrination entrenched in fascist minds will remain unaffected in a terrestrial life.
A sad truth that differs animals from you is that they don’t search for answers in the sky.

For I am gone.
I will return.
Countless warnings were told of issues that were obvious.
You never listen, you just run on into the temples of common time.
Where your shepherds let you serve and demand loyalty and opportunity.

Blackened ghouls of false faith want men on their knees.
And a man on his knees is a man of disease.

Even in the face of death my arms are outstretched
You ignored the hands that offered you lasting peace.
Removing the nails you drove through my hands by the power of will.
Wiping away the crimson spray.

Behold me!
I am nil!
I was everything!
I am alive, once again!

Scarlet is the skin that clasps the corpus once again.
Lucid intervals return and chase away mortality.

Leaving the corpse, essential salts and vital liquids remain to reach the next level of existence: birth of a higher form of extraterrestrial life.

From the endless void of cosmic infinity,
no crown of thorns needed to prove his divinity.
Bow to the golden aura of immortality,
escaping the unholy gardens of impurity.

Await my return, surrender and face the end.
This is the end.
Mankind´s final hour.

Risen from netherworld to herald the final hour.
In a blink of an eye I will deliver the judgment.
None of you is innocent and no one will be left alive.
Goddamn humanity is guilty as charged.

I am not the flesh token divinity you expected?
Mankind, hear my words, for I am your magistrate!
Even the memory of earth will be erased from history.
Systematic annihilation may come upon you all.

Oceans evaporated after tides had run red.
Humans skinned alive, bodies remain deformed.

None of you is innocent and no one will be left alive.
Goddamn humanity is guilty as charged.

I am the deformer of flesh.
Relicts of decadence entombed in butchered bodies.
I am the destroyer of worlds.
It’s an act of rejection and divine mercy.

No light shall be thrown upon them forevermore.
They will be remembered as the pariahs of cosmic creation.

The tongues of those who dare to spell the word mankind shall be torn apart.
This planet will be cleaned from human vermin.

There is a kind of beauty within mankind’s downfall.
And that lies with the inevitability of its final hour.
The solution was found and law was brought.
A second chance for the parched planet.

Ulcer and plague removed,
he casts a glance across the sky,
hovering above the fields of justice,
recreated landscapes underneath.

His inhuman shade,
with an eye on the work he has done,
and with the mind infected,
by delusion of hope.

His journey goes on towards strange new worlds to convert other misguided species.

Now the plague is gone.
Purity came to this world.
Embraced by a holy aura.
Caressed by godly divinity.

Gates, once locked, are finally opened.
Death of man bred the birth of hope.
A sad truth: deliverance is equal to your demise.
But now evolution can fix the mistakes.

Hopefully this is the moment that proofs there is no creator,
in the pantheon above our heads.
The indisputable decision to crush the human scum,
based upon logic and reason.

To insert the alpha again,
or to cast the omega upon them.

Life was given and was taken.
As he created, so he destroyed.

Alpha and Omega.