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Countless warnings were told of issues that were obvious.
You never listen, you just run on into the temples of common time.
Where your shepherds let you serve and demand loyalty and opportunity.

Blackened ghouls of false faith want men on their knees.
And a man on his knees is a man of disease.

Even in the face of death my arms are outstretched
You ignored the hands that offered you lasting peace.
Removing the nails you drove through my hands by the power of will.
Wiping away the crimson spray.

Behold me!
I am nil!
I was everything!
I am alive, once again!

Scarlet is the skin that clasps the corpus once again.
Lucid intervals return and chase away mortality.

Leaving the corpse, essential salts and vital liquids remain to reach the next level of existence: birth of a higher form of extraterrestrial life.

From the endless void of cosmic infinity,
no crown of thorns needed to prove his divinity.
Bow to the golden aura of immortality,
escaping the unholy gardens of impurity.

Await my return, surrender and face the end.


from OMEGA, released November 13, 2015
Produced, recorded and mixed by Adrian Gucze.
Mastered by Simon "Sludge" Hawermann at Sludge Studios (




all rights reserved


VERGIL Dortmund, Germany

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