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From the endless depths of interstellar matter grand spectators arrived as navigators of the unlight, above a frozen unborn planet, aseptic in its core.
An extraterrestrial phenomenon based on an original race,
called lonesome passengers of uncharted space.

Non-organic colonies invested the exosphere azonic,
within seeds of infinity to conserve the aeon forever.

Cross-linked patterns painted the ground with light,
bowed stratums to insert a monolith as a symbol of time.

As they left to travel on, the alpha and omega infiltrated the ground of a planet once unborn.

Mankind was born as an offspring of time,
crushed between the jaws of the transcendent.

Formed out of the ashes of the monolith,
dead eyes are glaring in cosmic light.
Children produced by symbiotic mass reproduction,
infiltrated hearts, carrying his sign.

Mankind bows before a shrine of lies.

Crushed between the jaws of the transcendent, his sign will mark the end of time.

Mankind bows before a shrine of lies.
His name will hold the end.


from OMEGA, released November 13, 2015
Produced, recorded and mixed by Adrian Gucze.
Mastered by Simon "Sludge" Hawermann at Sludge Studios (




all rights reserved


VERGIL Dortmund, Germany

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