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Utopia became real.
The fortress of ultimate wisdom was born;
existing in real space and in the warped realm as well.
Beneath the purest sky creators reside in towers of glass.

Landscapes characterized by blooming woods,
mountains consisting of blue shining crystals,
home of the architects of the universe.
Those who formed the horizon and the depths of space.

Between reality and the boiling ether, sea,
this sanctuary archived life’s sins and atrocities.

More than thousand footsteps high the minarets of their palaces are looming to the sky.

The seeds of failure,
the seeds of failure.

Impossibly high structures of polished stone,
diamonds and arcane components of many kinds.

Enshrining the secrets of the universe,
enshrining the secrets of the universe.

Capital of the stellar realm is ruling over millions of consecrated minds;
the seeds of failure within.


from OMEGA, released November 13, 2015
Produced, recorded and mixed by Adrian Gucze.
Mastered by Simon "Sludge" Hawermann at Sludge Studios (




all rights reserved


VERGIL Dortmund, Germany

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