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The solution was found and law was brought.
A second chance for the parched planet.

Ulcer and plague removed,
he casts a glance across the sky,
hovering above the fields of justice,
recreated landscapes underneath.

His inhuman shade,
with an eye on the work he has done,
and with the mind infected,
by delusion of hope.

His journey goes on towards strange new worlds to convert other misguided species.

Now the plague is gone.
Purity came to this world.
Embraced by a holy aura.
Caressed by godly divinity.

Gates, once locked, are finally opened.
Death of man bred the birth of hope.
A sad truth: deliverance is equal to your demise.
But now evolution can fix the mistakes.

Hopefully this is the moment that proofs there is no creator,
in the pantheon above our heads.
The indisputable decision to crush the human scum,
based upon logic and reason.

To insert the alpha again,
or to cast the omega upon them.

Life was given and was taken.
As he created, so he destroyed.

Alpha and Omega.


from OMEGA, released November 13, 2015
Produced, recorded and mixed by Adrian Gucze.
Mastered by Simon "Sludge" Hawermann at Sludge Studios (




all rights reserved


VERGIL Dortmund, Germany

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